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  • 9781781256565Book  £13.00

Jeremy Fisher

This is a Voice: 99 exercises to train, project and harness the power of your voice

With its own cadence, tone and rhythm, your voice is as unique as a fingerprint, and conveys even more meaning than the words you say. But your voice can also get in the way we find ourselves mumbling when we want to sound confident, squeaky when we want to be taken seriously, and off-key on those crucial high notes at choir or karaoke. This is a Voice is a practical system of step-by-step vocal warm ups and exercises, each one illustrated with striking graphic design. By following these simple techniques, anyone can gain more control over their voice - whether to project confidence and be more persuasive at work, or just to sing in tune. Divided into sections including speeches, using your voice in the workplace, singing and opera, the book includes guidance on things like breathing and posture, as well as tricks to combat issues such as groggy morning voice or nerves. There are even sections on ventriloquism and beatboxing! This book is both an unusual gift and an essential toolkit to help you transform the way you sound. With an introduction by Cerys Matthews.