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Various Artists

Change The Beat - The Celluloid Records Story

Strut will release Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1980 – 1987, a two-disc compilation looking back on the New York label.

Celluloid was founded in France in the late '70s, but hit its stride after label founder Jean Karakos moved to New York. Once there, he crossed paths with Bill Laswell, the eclectic artist best known for his dancey post-punk band Material. Karakos released much of the work from all of Laswell's various projects, then went on to put out records by a vast and stylistically diverse cast of artists, from no wave acts like Suicide to radio-friendly groups like Soft Cell (Celluloid released Tainted Love).

Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1980 – 1987 brings together 26 selections from the label's heyday, including cuts from Material, Fab 5 Freddy and Time Zone, a trio featuring Afrika Bambaataa. Chic frontman Nile Rodgers also makes an appearance on the track "I'm the One."

  • CD1:
    1. Shockabilly - Day Tripper
    2. Massacre - Killing Time
    3. Ferdinand - Tele, Apres La Meteo
    4. Mathematiques Modernes - Disco Rough (Long Version)
    5. Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - Day Breaks, Night Heals
    6. Snakefinger - Living In Vain
    7. Winston Edwards & Blackbeard - Downing Street Rock
    8. Lightnin' Rod - Sport
    9. Future 2000 feat. The Clash
    10. Time Zone - Wildstyle (12-inch Vocal)
    11. Deadline - Makossa Rock
    12. Bobongo Stars - Koteja
    13. Toure Kunda - Amadou Tilo

    1. Nini Raviolette - Suis-Je Normale
    2. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Destiny Street
    3. Sapho - Carmel (12-inch Mix)
    4. Ginger Baker - Dust To Dust
    5. Last Exit - Big Boss Man
    6. Mandingo - Harima
    7. Manu Dibango - Abele Dance ('85 Remix)
    8. Time Zone - World Destruction (Original 12-inch Mix)
    9. Material, Michael Beinhorn, Bernard Fowler, Bill Laswell & Nile Rodgers - I'm the One (Dance Version)
    10. Grandmixer D.ST - Home of Hip Hop
    11. B Side with Bernard Fowler - Odeon (Dance Mix)
    12. Fab 5 Freddy - Change the Beat (Male Version)
    13. The Last Poets - Mean Machine Chant / Mean Machine

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