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  • 886979832412 x Long Player  £20.00

Foo Fighters

There's Nothing Left To Lose

America Canada 'There Is Nothing Left to Lose' is the third studio album by the Foo Fighters released November 2 1999 Riding the momentum of the hit single 'Learn to Fly' which hit No 1 on the modernrock charts long before this album's release the Foo Fighters' third record is unarguably its most refined and poppy The tunes are a succession of hookladen pop songs tarted up with guitaristvocalist and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl's thick guitars and increasingly sugarsweet vocals

  • Disc: 1
    1. Stacked Actors
    2. Breakout
    3. Learn to Fly
    4. Gimme Stitches
    5. Generator
    6. Aurora

    Disc: 2
    1. Live-In Skin
    2. Next Year
    3. Headwires
    4. Ain't It The Life
    5. M.I.A.

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