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Get An Eyeful Of This {Great Cinema From Around The World}


  • 9781856698818Magazines + Books  £8.00


Art & Sole

This book is a complete bible for shoe/design nerds like me. It compiles collections and the bespoke designs of the contemporary sneaker industry. It showcases individual designers work, as well as better known collectives, with in depth insight into the creative process, and how the shoes develop from thumbnail sketches and imagination, into the final boxfresh product. Nike and Vans are heavily represented, but then they have always been the more forward thinking brands, who have a strong visual identity. Some of the illustration on display is breathtaking, and when set in it's different 'footwear' context it really comes to life. I really recommend this book, in an age where designers and illustrators are now influencing the design and build of the shoe itself, and not just the logo, it really is a refreshing read!