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  • TCR1LP  £18.00Expected 5th November 2012

Three Crows

Ethan Johns

If Not Now Then When

This first-edition of ‘If Not Now Then When?’ is issued on a single 180gm heavyweight gatefold vinyl mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road and manufactured by world-class creators of vinyl, Optimal. This album contains an impeccably presented 24-page booklet featuring photography by Jennifer Tipoulow, album artwork by Jónas Valtýsson, and illustrations by Erla María Árnadóttir. Quality control is at the highest level for this pressing.
Written by Johns in-between making albums for others, it features a broad range of musicians that he has produced and performed with over the years, including the likes of Ryan Adams, Laura Marling, and Danny Thompson. When asked the inevitable, "Who produced the album?" Johns responds, "I have to offer very deep appreciation to both Dominic Monks and Jeremy Stacey who certainly took over principal duties on that front, but otherwise it was down to whoever was in the room at the time!" Letting go of control and placing faith in the players - many of whom have entrusted his ears with their own work at times - was central to the sessions and the creative spirit of the album. John's father, legendary producer Glyn Johns, mixed the record at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles.
Although not officially released until February 2013, the first edition of "If Not Now Then When?" will be issued on heavyweight gatefold vinyl alongside a full UK tour of independent record stores this November. The Brit award winning producer, whose vast production credits include The Vaccines, Kings of Leon, Ray Lamontagne, Laura Marling, and Ryan Adams to name but a few will not only perform songs from the album, but will also be holding Q&A sessions at each of these shows.

“I'm doing this tour primarily because visiting local record stores is still one of my favourite things to do. You just don't know what you’re going to find, whether it be an elusive album you've been searching for, for years, or an amazing new local band the shop assistant is playing when you walk through the door. Nothing beats it!" says Johns. "I buy vinyl when I can because it's a deeper listening experience than any of the digital formats, especially if the record has been cut and manufactured with care. So, for me, issuing this album on vinyl as its first edition just feels right. I'm genuinely looking forward to meeting people who love records just as much as I do, & I'm very grateful for those store owners who have struggled on. It's going to be a fantastic trip.”

  • 1. Hello Sunshine
    2. Morning Blues
    3. Eden
    4. Red Rooster Blue
    5. The Turning
    6. Rally
    7. Don't Reach Too Far
    8. Whip Poor Will
    9. Willow
    10. The Long Way Round