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Noah & The Whale

Last Night On Earth

after the cinematic and introspective 2009 epic 'the first day of spring' it would appear on first blush that charlie fink and band aka noah and the whale have traded spring's dramatic strings and lyrics detailing a dissolving relationship for a more upbeat straightahead affair with 'last night on earth' former bandmate bedmate laura marling may have left her mark on the besotted mr fink as he dissected in the acclaimed spring but as he states in new lead track 'lifegoeson' well you get the picture shades of a tom petty melodic ironic inflection leak through here and there as fink's distinctive voice imparts a redoubled focus now that the protagonist is 'going your own way' even more promising is 'wild thing' a sweeping brilliantly conceived track that frankly wouldn't have seemed out of place on the more conceptual scope of 'the first day of spring' a scintillating richly detailed production of radiant electronics punctuated with a reverbed guitar twang builds slowly and methodically around a mournful fink vocal a lou reed sally can't dance nocturne updated with plush upholstery and the warmth of a morning sun recorded in la with producer jason lader brandi carlisle julian casablancas the tentrack brief 33 minute 'last night on earth' is what fink describes as a collection of 'story songs' rough trade east instore noah amp the whale monday 7th march 7pm

  • 1. "Life is Life" 3:37
    2. "Tonight's the Kind of Night" 3:10
    3. "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N." 3:52
    4. "Wild Thing" 4:50
    5. "Give it All Back" 2:56
    6. "Just Me Before We Met" 3:38
    7. "Paradise Stars" 1:30
    8. "Waiting for My Chance to Come" 2:57
    9. "The Line" 3:30
    10. "Old Joy" 3:29

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