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Cannonball Adderley

Somethin' Else

Recorded on the 9th March 1958 Julian Cannonball Adderleys Somethin Else stands as one of the most atmospheric vibrant and timeless of all releases on the Blue Note label. From Hank Joneses beautiful piano intro on Autumn Leaves to the final few seconds of Dancing In the Dark when we hear Miles Davis ask Is that what you wanted Alfred ? to producer Alfred Lion the album is an unparralelled excersise in style restraint and deep feeling. Art Blakeys crisp drumming and inspired rhythms particularly on Love For Sale and One For Daddy-o never sounded more robust while Davis Adderley and Jones weave together some of the most achingly beautiful solo passages ever commited to a jazz record . Indeed it is the only record that Davis ever guested on and when a short year Davis asked Cannonball to return the favour by by guesting on one of his albums the result was another jazz landmark A Kind Of Blue. A record that I never tire of and seems to get better with each listening Somethin Else is a must have for any one who loves music. Available as a standard Blue Note cd or paired together as a two cd set with another excellent album Cannonballs Sharpshooters as part of the excellent 3 pound Not Now cd collection.

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