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Boys Noize

Oi Oi Oi

House german electro upstart boys noize brings the noise on his debut album 'oi oi oi' boys noize is actually just one guy berlin producer alexander ridha whose thrashy inyerface electro has netted a wide audience on labels such as turbo institubes kitsune and relish happy boys noize remix clients include depeche mode bloc party feist tiga and the kaiser chiefs while as a dj lately he's been the chosen understudy on the soulwax and justice tours ridha also runs his own label boys noize records a busy boy indeed then 'oi oi oi' that title is a twelvetrack noise fest of party electro with hip hop inspired song titles like 'wu tang' and 'don't believe the hype' ridha is a public enemy fan but don't expect trendy modularesque indie dance though fuck off new rave and bring back the party techno says ridha in a message to fans on his myspace spoken like a true oik