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Various Artists

You Baby: Words and Music by P.F. Sloan & Steve Barri

60s 70s Soul Funk the latest edition in ace's songwriter series contains 25 hit songs and rarities penned by the team of pf sloan and steve barri in the four years of their partnership sloan and barri wrote dozens of memorable melodic pop and rock songs in every flavour on the musical menu from dance craze to hot rod to girl group to surfing to novelty to rb to fauxbritish invasion to folk rock sloan and barri delivered the goods they also pushed the envelope of what a pop song could be on his own inspired by folk musicians such as pete seeger odetta and bob dylan sloan sought to pen more introspective personal songs in his alter ego of pf sloan he pursued the rocky road of what he calls 'people's music' the controversial 'eve of destruction' brought him worldwide attention this schizophrenic mix of vibrant poprock and more socially aware questioning songs mightily confused sloan's peers and associates nonetheless the sloanbarri team continued to write and produce dynamite pop material through 1967 this firstever compilation of their hits and rarities shows their breathless versatility as writers and their skill as producers of lasting pop gems the cd comes with a full colour 24 page booklet featuring rare memorabilia unpublished photographs and a 10000 word essay based on exclusive interviews with sloan and barri

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