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  • 07822188262CD  £4.00


Patti Smith


New Wave Post Punk back in stock 1978's stab at the bigtime for patti and band resulted in the smash collaboration with springsteen 'because the night' and the bands most accessible album rock and roll is the only cultural asset america has given the world declared a young patti smith years before she made her own records then she made easter which made that asset a little more valuable easter is an essential cultural touchstone whereas 'horses' was built on poetry and 'radio ethiopia' scrapped accessibility for primal cacophony 'easter' was the patti smith group's most approachable package of smith's vision as an artist and songwriter smith constantly pushed the boundaries of rock's scope the demented 'space monkey' builds a visual landscape 'because the night' melds pop with literary intention and 'ghost dance' transcends all musical genres to become a mantra possibly the most powerful track on the album is smith's epic 'babelogue rock 'n' roll nigger' segue where she incorporates jimi hendrix jesus christ and jackson pollack into a paean to artistic individuality and its inevitable alienation this remstered cd adds a bonus track 'godspeed' which was a bside from the album sessions

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