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Three Lobed Recordings

Thurston Moore/John Moloney

Parallelogram A La Carte

Originally in the box set and now available individually. Thurston Moore, Alan Bishop, Bill Orcutt, John Moloney, and Chris Corsano are five of the most uncompromising and visionary voices to emerge out of the last quarter century of American underground rock. It is an honor to capture all of these artists within the confines of a single album for this raucous and boundary-free volume of Three Lobed Recording’s Parallelogram series. Thurston Moore and John Moloney’s Caught on Tape project presents a side-long deconstruction of “Ono Soul.” Freed from the constraints of being a three minute and change “pop” song from Moore’s 1995 classic “Psychic Hearts,” the track uses the original material to bookend a roller coaster of squall, feedback, and the intuitive exchange between Moore and Moloney. The Bishop/Orcutt/Corsano side reflects one of the only two ever performances as a trio of these underground luminaries. Proof that like kinds will always eventually drift to each other, the charging and lurching energy that crackles through their set proves without a doubt the depth of the connection between the three performers. The set of improvisations wraps up with “Politician,” easily the most incendiary and twisted Cream cover ever set to tape. Both sides of this album were recorded during some of the day shows Three Lobed assembled during the last several years at the Hopscotch Music Festival.

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