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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Murder Ballads

Oz NZ newly remastered in his trademark bottomless voice nick cave narrates one tragic violent tale after another in excruciating detail he examines the fine apects of murder varying viewpoints between victims and killers and investigating the dialogue between them from many angles 'murder ballads' his ninth release with the bad seeds is cave at his most raw and lyrical he delves unflinchingly into macabre territory with the backing of his band's spare moaning reverbrich playing by turns sweetly tuneful and disjointedly dirgelike pj harvey assumes the role of a woman scorned on 'henry lee' in which she describes stabbing to death the man who rejects her her story is interspersed with choruses of la la la la lala la la la lee a little bird lit down on henry lee adding a sense of perverse humor to the ballad's bleakness on 'where the wild roses grow' a man kills his lover explaining that 'all beauty must die' and kylie minogue provides the innocent breathy voice of the dead lover with a ghostly haunting softness yet amid the troubling startling brutality runs a sense of fragility and a poetic lyricism that makes these songs linger

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