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Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter - Mister Saturday Night, Then and Now

Back in 2009, Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin started their Mister Saturday Night loft party in New York City. Almost a decade later, the party has become an institution, spinning off the all-walks-of-life Mister Sunday and, this summer, Harkin and Carter mark their 250th party under the Mister banner. To commemorate the moment, the Mister Saturday Night residents have compiled and mixed Mister Saturday Night: Then and Now, a selection of songs that have come to define the party – as well as some recent discoveries that reflect Eamon and Justinʼs ongoing commitment to unearthing and sharing music they love. The mix begins with Menelik Wossenachewʼs stunningly beautiful, highly sought-after version of Tezeta, arranged, written and performed on by Mulatu Astatke. Eamon and Justin then move on to Soul Bros Inc.'s Pyramid, another grail record, before flipping into deep territory with the slept-on On Cue by ESB. This leads to a trio of songs by Baba Stiltz, FaltyDL and Marcellus Pittman that have become ubiquitous at Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday. As the keys ring out in Justin Van Der Volgenʼs remix of Soft Rocks, the climb to the partyʼs peak begins, making way for a number of Mister anthems: Kerrier Districtʼs Letʼs Dance and Freak, reissued for the first time ever outside of the LP; Dennis Ferrerʼs The Red Room; Oni Ayhun, Rroxymore, Jaguar Woman and Aquarian Jugsʼ collaborative DR-1; and Alden Tyrellʼs ode to late 80s Chicago house, All We Need. The plane begins its decent with another recent but overlooked moment of arpeggiation genius by HVCK, blending into early 80s New Jersey disco gold from the obscure Bourbon and Maxx, finally closing on the highest of highs, with Mystic Pleasureʼs Back Door (Getting Down), a bass-driven, disco stomper thatʼs driven many a Mister over the edge. Justin Carter and Eamon Harkinʼs Mister Saturday Night: Then and Now is a perfect encapsulation of one of their parties and a fitting celebration for a pair of DJs that have painstakingly formed so many moments over the course of 250 parties.

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