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Ninja Tune


Perfect Darkness

Mention Fink and you surprisingly get one of two reactions: head-scratching non-familiarity; or the impassioned response that prompts artists such as John Legend and Professor Green to wax lyrical about him live on air. It is a remarkable void, one which looks set to finally close up.

As Fink explains, "Singer-songwriters always get criticised – fairly – for sometimes sounding like a scratched record…moaning about this, moaning about that, girlfriend’s left you, blah blah, blah. With Fink we do sing about relationships and love and emotions – but we also sing about other stuff: embracing fear, Berlin dawns, looking forward."

A smouldering, pulsating, and purposeful book of songs, Perfect Darkness bristles with tense passion and hypnotic charm. It is, in two words, bewitching and addictive. Judging by this new record he is set to emerge into the bright lights of long-deserved mass recognition.

  • 1. Perfect Darkness
    2. Fear Is Like Fire
    3. Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us
    4. Honesty
    5. Wheels
    6. Warm Shadow
    7. Save It For Somebody Else
    8. Who Says
    9. Foot In The Door
    10. Berlin Sunrise

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