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  • AHEDBOX0157"  £40.00Expected 19th May 2017

    8 x 7#Ç¥s with recycled labels, brown grocery bags, with 2x Coldcut branded 45 adapters in a bag.

  • AHEDCD015CD  £10.00Expected 19th May 2017

    Digipack CD with Vocals and Dubs.


Ahead Of Our Time

Coldcut x On-U Sound

Outside The Echo Chamber

It’s tempting to ask why no one thought of it sooner. Coldcut (Matt Black and Jon More) and Adrian Sherwood – kingpin of the legendary On-U Sound label – are the perfect sonic match; two pioneers of British music united by a maverick spirit. These artists have a deeper intertwined history- On-U Sound is printed in Coldcut’s genes in the music they grew up with. This is something much more special than the average collaboration, and it shows in the result: Coldcut x On-U Sound’s Outside the Echo Chamber via Ahead Of Our Time (Coldcut’s first label) – a thrilling sonic adventure, and an album of freshly-minted, electronic dub-pop. Uniting an array of global musicians and vocalists including Roots Manuva, Junior Reid, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Ce’Cile – to name but a few – and made in London, Ramsgate, Jamaica, and Los Angeles – where co-producer and fellow dance heavyweight Dave Taylor (Switch and With You.) is now based – Outside the Echo Chamber is a timely rallying call for Britain’s musical melting pot. At the beating heart of this album are some of the most talented players in music’s recent history – long time On-U Sound collaborators Skip McDonald on guitar and bassist Doug Wimbish. This is a properly diverse album. Rodney opens up Outside the Echo Chamber with the brilliant Vitals, a song that sets out the album’s sonic stall and lays its rebel heart bare. Deep bass, an elephantine groove and reflective coruscating bars. Make Up Your Mind feat. Ce’cile is a yearning, rainy day love song, whilst Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Junior Reid and Elan breathe political fire and sonic glee into an exemplary dub in Divide and Rule. Elan’s reappearance on Make Up Your Mind is a fathoms-deep piece of reggae soul that sticks in the mind, Toddla T provided production assistance on this and also Everyday Another Sanction. Kajra is a masterly rework of an old Hindi-Urdu love song Kajra Mohabbat Wala. Dub is a core aesthetic and all tracks have more extreme dub versions that will also surface. There are sixty years of shared musical experience, culture and knowledge between Coldcut and On-U Sound, every bit of which has been poured into making Outside the Echo Chamber. In the bleak political landscape of early 2017, this album’s warmth, and its outward-looking, globally-minded sound couldn’t feel more welcome. It's the fruit of lifetimes work that has been worth the wait.