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Fela Kuti: The Reissues


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Shovels & Rope

Swimmin' Time

There's no backing off or backing down on Swimmin' Time, the duo's highly anticipated sophomore set as Shovels & Rope, an album that brims with the confidence, energy and sinew of a band that's accustomed to treating their career as a marathon, rather than a sprint. The album, recorded at the studio Michael Trent constructed in the couple's home, finds them cutting a new path through the sonic thickets they navigated so nimbly on their breakthrough bow, O' Be Joyful – a disc that won rave reviews from outlets like Mojo (which called it "thrilling") and Filter, which said "[they] were solid singer-songwriters on their own, but this is truly a thing of magic."

  • 1. The Devil Is All Around
    2. Bridge On Fire
    3. Evil
    4. After The Storm
    5. Fish Assassin
    6. Coping Mechanism
    7. Pinned
    8. Swimmin’ Time
    9. Stono River Blues
    10. Ohio
    11. Mary Ann & One Eyed Dan
    12. Save The World
    13. Thresher

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