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John Baker & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The Vendetta Tapes

A brand new compilation of rare material by John Baker from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop John Baker who worked for the BBC alongside Delia Derbyshire ranks as one of the world's most influential electronic musicians His talent as a jazz pianist and ability to manipulate tiny fragments of tape into new sound is legendary Whilst working on 'The John Baker Tapes' compilation for Trunk Records producer Alan Gubby unearthed several reels of music and sound effects from the 1960's BBC TV series 'Vendetta' a mafia themed cop thriller starring Italian actor Stelio Canelli Barbarella Django Planet Of The Vampires The theme tune for the show was composed by John Barry whilst Baker produced all the incidental music He created brilliant tense rhythmic and unhinged James Bond style themes for the show between 1966 and 1968 featuring radiophonic beats twanging bass lines amp screaming jazz solos Available for the first time ever Baker's soundtrack for 'Vendetta' displays his skill in fusing groovy tape loops ambient drones and bass textures with real instruments The music is thrilling sleazy deranged and very hip Highlights from the score are presented on this compilation alongside other rare and previously unreleased Baker tracks all digitally remastered by Mark Ayres from the Radiophonic Workshop archive CD 36 Tracks LP 26 Tracks

  • 1. The Sugar Man (cue 2)
    2. The Sugar Man (cue 3)
    3. The Sugar Man (cue 5)
    4. The Sugar Man (cue 7)
    5. The Sugar Man (cue 9)
    6. The Sugar Man (cue 15)
    7. The Sugar Man (cue 17)
    8. The Dolly Man (cue 1)
    9. The Dolly Man (cue 2)
    10. The Dolly Man (cue 3)
    11. The Ice Cream Man (cue 1)
    12. The Ice Cream Man (cue 7)
    13. The Ice Cream Man (cue 13)
    14. The Ice Cream Man (cue 15)
    15. The Ice Cream Man (cue 1A)
    16. The Ice Cream Man (cue 2A)
    17. The Ice Cream Man (cue 4A)
    18. The Ice Cream Man (cue 10A)
    19. The Ice Cream Man (cue 18A)
    20. The Widow Man (cue 8)
    21. The Widow Man (cue 9)
    22. The Caves Of Steel â“ RQ1 (Music)
    23. The Caves Of Steel â“ RQ9 (Music)
    24. The Caves Of Steel - RQ11 (Mono - stop t/o)
    25. The Locusts: Plagues Of Man (cue 9)
    26. Orbit
    27. The Lively Mind
    28. Suivez La Piste (cue 3)
    29. Suivez La Piste (cue 5)
    30. Suivez La Piste (cue 8)
    31. COI Technology Pavilion
    32. The Tape Recorder (cue 1)
    33. The Tape Recorder (cue 2)
    34. The Tape Recorder (cue 4)
    35. Computers In Business
    36. Man Alive: UFO

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