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Bella Union


Other I

British European Bella Union release 'The Other I' the new album from 254 Even before Colette and Hannah Thurlow wrote their new album the Londonbased sisters' atmospheric imaginative and thrilling vein of rock music under the name 254 was already a force to be reckoned with But the events that tested their commitment and resilience have upped the ante to produce the magnificent drama and beauty of 'The Other I' From the expansive temposhifting opener 'Orion' and the pining roots of 'The Monaco' to the ambient haunts of 'Tender Shoots' and the shapeshifting tour de force of 'Raptor' the album significantly widens the net beyond the achievements of 254's selftitled debut 'The Other I' is all the stronger for Hannah and Colette's handson approach to production while Colette's lead vocals show a striking versatility The album's emotional terrain has been carved from circumstances out of their control but equally their sisterly bondWritten in Paris and London the album was recorded at Bella Union's East London studio before the Thurlows and Alex Robins decamped to North London's Fish Factory to complete it alongside coproducer and mixer James Rutledge who's worked with the likes of Radiohead and Fever Ray 'In The Mirror' and 'Sleepwalker' are cited as key entry points to the album's core values while lyrically 'Orion' sets the scene for the album's adventures 'Raptor' is the album's brilliant finale with its simmering intro hypnotic flow thrilling coda and rallying mantra Calling I'm calling I'm calling I can hear it You don't know us One more turn and then I'll go The end the end the end is closeLP Limited White Vinyl with CD Version

  • 1. Orion
    2. Blindfold
    3. In the Mirror
    4. No Better Prize
    5. Sleepwalker
    6. Tender Shoots
    7. The Monaco
    8. Crest
    9. Pyro
    10. South
    11. Glory Days
    12. Raptor

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