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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

From Her to Eternity

Oz NZ remastered limited cd dvd set featuring the original album plus a 51 surround sound version four bsides the video for 'in the ghetto' and a documentary about the album after the birthday party ended in a manner similar to a train collision frontman nick cave emerged from the wreckage and hooked up exbandmate mick harvey blixa bargeld on loan from the industrial group einsturzende neubauten barry adamson fresh from magazine and the lovely but corpsepale anita lane thus the bad seeds were born second only to cave's former band in their ability to create a rumbling caterwaul what makes the bad seeds stand apart though are the elements of delta blues that cave dredges up from the darkest recesses of his black black heart blues unlike any you've ever heard before and his faulknermeetslovecraft lyrical obsessions 'well of misery' shambles along drunkenly and eventually crumbles under its somnambulant pace on the title track cave exhorts begs and pleads like a whiskey priest begging for forgiveness after a bender while bargeld's guitar shrieks and wails like a congregation of devils including two of cave's more inspired covers leonard cohen's 'avalanche' and presley's 'in the ghetto' 'from her to eternity' captures cave at the noisy intersection between the punkrock entropy of the birthday party and his later incarnation as the gothic elvis

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