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One Way Static Records

Popol Vuh

Spirit Of Peace

Out of Print since 1985 and comes with exclusive bonus tracks not on the original pressing. Comes as an expanded Double LP Set with original artwork by Erik Wollo. Comes with a Screen-printed D-Side (Black Vinyl Version only). Strictly limited to 700 copies worldwide, with obi strip. Born as Florian Fricke’s brainchild, Popol Vuh needs little introduction, the band stayed active between the late 1960s and late 1990s (until Florian’s passing in 2001). Regarded as pioneers in avant-garde German electronic music, their early works practically laid down the foundations for ‘Kosmische Muzik’ (Space Music) with the then new sounds of the Moog synthesizer joined with ethnic percussions. Later the group evolved to include all kinds of instruments (both electric and acoustic alike) shrouding their music in a spiritual and introspective mystical aura. Popol Vuh influenced many other European bands with their uniquely soft but elaborate instrumentation, which took inspiration from the music of Tibet, Africa and pre-Columbian America. With music sometimes described as “ethereal”, they created soundscapes through psychedelic walls of sound, and are regarded as precursors of contemporary ‘world music’, as well as of ‘new age’ and ‘ambient’. Popol Vuh regularly contributed soundtracks to the films of Werner Herzog that include classics like Aguirre, Nosferatu, Heart Of Glass and Cobra Verde. Originally released in 1985, Spirit of Peace is the fifteenth album by Popol Vuh. The first track was used by Werner Herzog as original motion picture soundtrack for his documentary The Dark Glow of the Mountains. Spirit of Peace is about making the journey into the destination and it truly achieves the meaning of the album title. Yehung chants and beautiful intertwined mellow, yet complex guitars grooves make this album an ambient (or even a new age) masterpiece. Out of print since 1985 and never released outside of Europe, now back available as a gorgeously packaged expanded Double Vinyl edition. Strictly limited to 700 copies, this release also comes with extra tracks that were not featured on the original pressing.

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