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Warner Bros.

Gillian Welch

Harrow & the Harvest


It’s been eight years since the last Gillian Welch record. In that time, alt-country has conquered all & become the soundtrack to mobile phone ad’s the world over. Furthermore, long time Welch collaborator, David Rawlings released ‘A Friend Of A Friend’, an album which featured collaborations with the American Singer-Songwriter leaving her fans even more in anticipation of the new album. Welch has been one of the most underrated artists of the last 15 years but hopefully her beautiful new album will reach more receptive ears than years gone by, thanks in part to the surge in popularity for the alt-country genre that she is so important to. Here at Rise will certainly be doing all we can to let people discover her work.

  • 1 — Scarlet Town
  • 2 — Dark Turn of Mind
  • 3 — Way It Will Be
  • 4 — Way It Goes
  • 5 — Tennessee
  • 6 — Down along the Dixie Line
  • 7 — Six White Horses
  • 8 — Hard Times
  • 9 — Silver Dagger
  • 10 — Way the Whole Thing Ends
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