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Around the time Tricky emerged as a solo artist, independent of the Massive Attack collective, he was asked to describe his music. “If you want to dance to it, go ahead. If you want to sit in a darkened room and let it fill your head with strange thoughts, that’s fine too”.

‘Trip Hop’, a term Tricky soon grew to despise, has become so omnipresent over the years, that it’s easy to forget how outside the mainstream it once was. Tricky’s 1995 debut Maxinquaye is one of those albums that brought the music to the forefront, entering the UK charts at #2 on its release despite a shocking lack of airplay, and ending up topping many, many year-end lists.

  • 1. Overcome
    2. Ponderosa
    3. Black Steel
    4. Hell Is Round The Corner
    5. Pumpkin
    6. Aftermath
    7. Abbaon Fat Tracks
    8. Brand New You’re Retro
    9. Suffocated Love
    10. You Don’t
    11. Strugglin’
    12. Feed Me

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