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Miles Davis

Kind of Blue

the best selling jazz record of all time was released 48 years ago and it still sells thousands of copies a week it is a universally acknowledged masterpiece revered as much by rock and classical music fans as by jazz lovers the album is miles davis' 'kind of blue' the album brought together seven nowlegendary musicians in the prime of their careers tenor saxophonist john coltrane alto saxophonist julian 'cannonball' adderley pianists bill evans and wynton kelly bassist paul chambers drummer jimmy cobb and of course trumpeter miles davis this album was the key recording of what became modal jazz a music free of the fixed harmonies and forms of pop songs in davis's men's hands it was a weightless music but one that refused to fade into the background in retrospect every note seems perfect and each piece moves inexorably towards its destiny

  • CD 1
    Kind Of Blue

    1. So What
    2. Freddie Freeloader
    3. Blue In Green
    4. All Blues
    5. Flamenco Sketches

    CD 2
    Ascenseur pour l'échafaud

    1. Générique
    2. L' Assassinat de Carala
    3. Sur L'Autoroute
    4. Julien Dans L'Ascenseur
    5. Florence Sur Les Champs-Élysées
    6. Diner au Motel
    7. Évasion De Julien
    8. Visite Du Vigile
    9. Au Bar du Petit Bac
    10. Chez Le Photographe Du Motel

    Somethin' Else
    Miles Davis with Cannonball Adderley

    11. Autumn Leaves
    12. Love For Sale
    13. Somethin' Else
    14. One For Daddy-O
    15. Dancing In The Dark

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