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  • FHVNLP6Long Player  £7.00

Forever Heavenly

Jock Scot

My Personal Cullodon

Jock Scot's 'My Person Culloden' a wondrous album of poems and music is released on Forever Heavenly an imprint of Heavenly Recordings used specifically for reissues The album was originally released in 1997 on Postcard Records in the UK 'My Personal Culloden' album features bewitching backing music from The Nectarine No 9 led by Davy Henderson formerly of the Fire Engines and Win currently frontman with the Sexual Objects With Jock sounding like a more disruptive version of Sean Connery 'My Personal Culloden' is a beautiful emotive tour de force words addressing girls drugs extinct volcanoes French rugby and Ronnie Wood over a backing sounds that ranges from Captain Beefheart to the Radiophonic Workshop to field recordings of bees in an Edinburgh garden 'My Personal Culloden' is an undimming blend of incantation and amplified sound the postpunk answer to the revered albums of wordsandmusic that John Betjeman made for Charisma Records in the 1970s LP First time on vinyl With Download

  • 1. Easy to Write
    2. Gay Paean to Thierry
    3. Above the Volcano
    4. Someone's Yearning
    5. Tape Your Head On
    6. Just Another F**ked Up Litttle Druggy
    7. Farewell to FERODO
    8. There's a Hole in Daddy's Arm
    9. Good God
    10. Domestic Bliss
    11. Thunder Over Kilburn
    12. A Certain Beauty
    13. Norman Vaughan's Blues
    14. The Underdog
    15. While Cars Passing By
    16. All Over the World, Girls Are Dreaming
    17. Nuts
    18. Going Off Someone