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Frank Turner


  • 88697637972CD  £6.00

Sony Australia / Sony Classical

Alex North/Jerry Goldsmith/National Philharmonic Orchestra

2001: A Space Odyssey

Soundtracks this commemorative reissue of music from 2001 a space odyssey combines the also sprach zarathustra theme various johann and richard strauss segments and a ballet suite by aram khachaturianall of which prove how much stanley kubrick's film attempts to avoid the soundtrack clichs of most sciencefiction movies instead of the expected scifi effects there is a more ironic application of music that would be otherwise incongruous to the celestial settings here the blue danube complements scenes involving weightlessness and descending spacecraft while gyorgy ligeti's creepy monolith music connotes armageddon more than interplanetary exploration the tracks play as they had appeared on the original soundtrack release back in the '60s but there is also previously unreleased supplemental material and a dialogue montage entitled hal 9000

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