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Late Night Tales


Late Night Tales presents Sasha : Scene Delete

The first Late Night Tales release of 2016 is a very special project by Sasha. Imagine listening to music inspired by Frahm, Richter and Steve Reich, but made by one of the UK#s leading house and techno DJs. Away from the hubbub of the club, the craziness of Ibiza, there#s a contemplative side to everybody. Forget the beats and the sweat and the billowing anthems this quiet, undulating, at times pastoral piece is less about songs and anthems and more about texture and atmosphere. #Scene Delete# is a side of Sasha you#ve never heard before. #I love post-minimalist modern classical, I love to listen to something completely different that#s quite hypnotic as well. It almost# purges the system. About three years ago, my collaborators David Gardner and ThermalBear and I wrote a song called #Bring On The Night#. I sent it to Ultraista and within a few days she sent it back with this amazing vocal on, with Nigel Goodrich playing keyboards. We tried to do club mixes but we just couldn#t get it right. So it sat there doing nothing. Tracks like this kept building up, until finally last summer my frustration boiled over. We#d made so many tunes that I couldn#t remember the names of half of them What was that thing with a bass sound and a string line? It drove me mental. At the same time as we were logging these tracks, I was listening to the Jon Hopkins# Late Night Tales and I thought a lot of the music we#d been working on was in the same vibe. So I sent the music over to Late Night Tales and they really liked it. Initially, I thought we#d just do a Late Night Tales compilation with maybe a few pieces of my own music. But as we went through everything we#d worked on in the last two years, we realised we had about 50 pieces of music. So we started editing and compiling #Scene Delete# is the end result.# - Sasha, January 2016 Think of #Scene Delete# as somewhere between a mix album, an artist album and a gentle stroll through the soundtrack in your mind. Make sure you switch off the lights before you enter.

  • 1. Channel deq
    2. View2
    3. Baracus
    4. Linepulse
    5. Time After Time
    6. Detour
    7. Pontiac
    8. Cassette Sessions D
    9. Cassette Sessions E
    10. Healer
    11. Modcon
    12. Scarpa Falls
    13. Warewolf
    14. Bring on the Night-time
    15. Corvette
    16. Shelter
    17. Untitled 3
    18. Abacus
    19. Rooms
    20. Broadcast
    21. Vapour Trails

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