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Blitzen Trapper


Blitzen Trappers seventh studio album, VII, will be released on British indie label Lojinx on the 30th of September. The album is full of the vivid folk-rock-campfire-tales that frontman Eric Earley is so well known for. VII opens with Feel The Chill , a southern adventure complete with a woman in her underwear, deer hunting, and of course drowning at the local bar. Earley takes us down a crooked bend so dark and gloomy you can smell the heat and feel the humidity oppress you. Each song starts from a small place, a headwater-like remembrance and then widens into a song. For instance, that old wreck of a shack buried in evergreen and murky darkness at the bend in the road up on Jackson Hill where we used to drink, never failed to give me a chill driving by in the old Impala for its implacable mystery , Earley notes.

  • 1. Feel The Chill
    2. Shine On
    3. Ever Loved Once
    4. Thirsty Man
    5. Valley Of Death
    6. Oregon Geography
    7. Neck Tatts, Cadillacs
    8. Earth (Fever Called Love)
    9. Drive On Up
    10. Heart Attack
    11. Faces Of You
    12. Don't Be A Stranger