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  • SC211CDCD  £8.00

Secretly Canadian

Jens Lekman

An Argument With Myself

An Argument with Myself illustrates the many moods of Swedish singer/songwriter Jens Lekman, who has a savvy for both somber ballads and infectious summertime jams. His oft-gorgeous instrumentation is supplemented by dryly delivered humor that alternates between the darkly sobering and lovably romanticized. Lekman’s masterful control of such variation isn’t anything new; all of his releases, from early EPs to the expansive full-length Night Falls over Kortedala, showcased his innate wit – especially in regard to sociological commentary. Regarding quips about the shit shy people are storing (“It Was a Strange Time in My Life”) or that everyone can learn something from the film Mask (his “Rocky Dennis” song trilogy), whatever Jens says is worth just as much as the beautiful hook-laden instrumentation surrounding his words.

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