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Brown Acid The Second Trip


Few have delved into and expertly archived the wealth of proto-metal, pre-stoner rock tracks collected on \'Brown Acid The Second Trip\'.\n \n Lance Barresi, co-owner of L.A. / Chicago retailer Permanent Records has shown incredible persistence in tracking down a stellar collection of rare singles from the 60s and 70s for the growing compilation series. Partnered with Daniel Hall of Riding Easy Records, the two have assembled a selection of songs that\'s hard to believe have remained unheard for so long.A  \n One song on The Second Trip actually never even saw light of day, until now. \'Bell Park Loon\' by Spiny Norman - sounding like Jethro Tull on more acid and heavier cider - languished in a collector\'s archives, unreleased for 38 years until Barresi and Hall arranged to license some of the collector\'s goldmine.\n \' \n Brown Acid The Second Trip\' opens with the squealing guitar harmonies and Sabbath plod of Ash\'s \'Midnight Wish.\' Sweet Crystal\'s \'Warlords\' is a fuzzy and fierce Deep Purple / Arthur Brown inspired organ-led anthem. Raving Maniac\'s \'Rock and Roll Man\" is a tight and brash glam-meets-metal tune proving the true potential of a genre later squandered on Sunset Strip poodleheads. \'Silence of the Morning\' by Glass Sun serves grungy psych while the Volt Rush Band merges MC5 frantic energy with razor-sharp guitar leads. And, Iron Knowledge\'s aptly titled \'Show Stopper\' features a breakbeat and incredibly infectious detuned bass warble motif that DJs would kill for - had anyone been able to find the tune back in the day. Throughout, The Second Trip is yet another wall-to-wall set of blazing tracks that feels like you\'ve uncovered a holy grail. And, in a way, you have. LP - Rough Trade Exclusive. 200 Copies on Clear Vinyl.