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Life Among The Savages

It's a rare to come across an artist who's equally skilled in songwriting, singing and production but lone-arranger Jason Quever, better known as San Francisco's Papercuts is a master of all trades. that the pocket-sized symphonies of brand new album 'life among the savages' are set to see the light of day is through nothing but meticulous focus - due to his whizz-kid knack for instrumental arrangement, Quever often finds himself a sought-after musical collaborator. Quever recorded his latest offering on his ampex 2″ 16-track reel-to-reel in his home studio, pan american, whittling the record down to its essentials over a two year period. It was there he worked alongside Port o'brien, Beach House, Still Flyin', the Skygreen Leopards, and most recently Galaxie 500's Dean Wareham on their own recordings. While Papercuts echoes bands like Spiritualized and the Zombies in mood, ambitious orchestration (the title track itself contains an arrangement contribution from Beach House's Alex Scally), and the high-calibre dream pop of beautifully hypnotic tracks such as 'Staring at the Bright Lights', the sound on 'Life Among the Savages' is undeniably Quever's own. The record is a charming example of the accomplished yet down-to-earth production Papercuts has become known for, it's his songwriting prowess that shines brightest. alongside haunting melodies that soar over strings, garagey guitar hooks, piano and mellotron, and energetic bass and drums that never rely on a clichéd beat, it's impossible to refrain from being spellbound by quever's unpredictable and chaotic world, whatever that may consist of.

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