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Analogue Creatures

Minimal Compact's Malka Spigel and Wire's Colin Newman's minimal-techno-inspired Immersion, release their first new material under the Immersion name since the 90s. A new five-track 10" limited to 500 copies called Analogue Creatures will see release in February on their Swim label. The project between the two has been inactive since the release of 1999's Low Impact, with the new decade seeing Newman & Spigel refocus their attention to the song based structures of Newman's Wire, Spigel's solo works and their collaborative work as Githead alongside Robin Rimaud/Scanner. The duo decided to revive Immersion after a synth-based shopping trip in New York at the end of Wire's US tour earlier this year, eventually giving way to this new release from the pairing. 'It's all about analogue synthesisers and layering,' says Newman of the new release as well as Immersion's general focus. 'You begin with on part and then play on top of it, pass after pass, building up a track with loops of synthesiser and making an arrangement out of it. It's very organic there's not a real sense of direction, it's just the shape it comes out. There was no guitar ever on early Immersion it was all synth. That was how we started, but I had a strong feeling this time that we couldn't just repeat the same Immersion that we did a long time ago. I felt it should make a step forward and do something it hadn't done before, which is what it did with the guitars.'. The 5 new tracks of epic, ambient dronescapes capturing the essence of Immersion