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Various Artists

Kitsune Maison 17

Kitsuné Maison lands October 23rd ! And as ever it’s filled with the quirkiest pop you’ll find this side of good taste. The World Wild Issue introduces you to the global cream of the moment: USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France… 17 tracks courtesy of an exciting selection of gifted agitators combining immaculate choruses to a certain attitude: youthful, finger on the pulse, oftentimes edgy. World Wild? It’s not so much a sound than a vibe, an organic sensation that could be from anywhere. In a constantly evolving world, where digital reigns supreme, nature - wild and universal - brings us back to our roots and a certain authenticity. It’s also about us Westerners embracing the rhythms and moods of other cultures and yet again pushing the envelope of creativity. Yes, the jungle is where the party’s at!

Never keen on rehashing the same old, Kitsuné is forever morphing. More than ever, the Parisian imprint is geared at the future and moving on with the times helping giving birth to new musical directions, groundbreaking sound innovations, always tied to killermelodies - a constant on Kitsuné. Rather feminine, at times introspective, often glorious, this latest chapter is also probably groovier than previous installments, digging deep in soulful territories. Make no mistake though, guitars are still loved - indie pop remains tattooed on Kitsuné’s heart. It is character and personality, which above all prevail on the little fox’s label

  • 1. Parcels – Herefore
    2. Danglo - The Morning
    3. Chiefs - Demon ft Beayz
    4. MUNA - So Special
    5. Daunt - This Body Rushes
    6. Bad Bad Hats - Psychic Reader
    7. JATA - The Curse
    8. Mylko – Animal
    9. Cesare ft River - Want You
    10. Kita Alexander - Go My Own Way
    11. Kafka Tamura - No Hope
    12. MOTHXR– Stranger
    13. Beach Baby – Ladybird
    14. Harrison Brome - Fill Your Brains
    15. Grace Lightman - Vapour Trails

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