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Sauna Youth


180 gram heavy vinyl with with a 12page risograph print insert and digital download an evolving band of young future humans making truly irregular punk not quite comparable to anything else the band attracted to the possibilities apparent within a diy philosophy have been selfrecording and selfreleasing their own music since 2010 creating a number of seven inches splits and cassettes 'dreamlands' will be the band's first longplayer marking the mutation of their sound and a new lineup 'weird' is a meaningless platitude and 'art punk' is a classifier that shouldn't be required sauna youth journey into the farreaching wilds of the unfolding psyche and feast on the chaos within quickly collapsing any preconceived notions within minutes of impolite introduction the lp is a lyrical commentary on being addicted to the distractions preventing engagement with real life unbreakable routines relationships based on silence and mindless sex repetitive and superficialinteraction this is not a dull lecture on disaffection it is the dawning realisation in hundredmileanhour downstrokes hypnotic samples going off like permanent alarms and competing vocals the 5 track offering found on the bside commences with a furious and bracing rush of noise bearing a dissatisfied narrative u2018planned designsu2019 leads with the dissection of artistic conventions and a treatise on space the space we inhabit and the space we can alter and form for our own needs and desires a dualvocal declaring 'works of art of nothingworks of art from nothingworks of art of nothing but works of artwe want somewhere to play' a collective frustration reigns it rings from the impulsive fizzing spill of 'snapback' gathering in the blunt pace of 'psi girls' an eloquent reflection of the lost ability to communicate the careering 'viscount discount' chronicles the trap of enforced life choices 'remits compromise boxes to tickstraight narrow guidelines rules cut to fitthere's a mind just disengaged' and all accumulates with the knowing desperation of 'hairstyles' darkly delivered over the hardest unrelenting 44 backbeat

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