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Stick In The Wheel


Stick In The Wheel present: English Folk Field Recordings

In 2016, following their ground-breaking debut album release, radical folk band Stick In The Wheel began a field recording project with some of the best loved names in folk music. Recorded on location, produced and curated by Nicola Kearey and Ian Carter, these brand new recordings offer a different way to hear some distinguished folk names alongside lesser known artists. Renowned for music that's true and unadorned, they invited the musicians to think about what 'From Here' means to them - by way of place or geography, or as a way of exploring their musical origins - 'here's what I am, this is where I'm from'. An investigation not only of the past, but also of cultural identity; what it means to be making folk music now. This carefully curated collection is a snapshot of English Folk music right now, connecting the old to the new, the past to the present. It's an intense, intimate experience for both artist and listener.It features Martin Carthy, Bella Hardy, Jack Sharp, Rob Harbron, Fay Hield etc.

  • 1. Bedfordshire May Carol - Jack Sharp
    2. The Sea - Eliza Carthy
    3. Here's Adieu to Old England - John Kirkpatrick
    4. The Ballad of Hugh Stenson - Bella Hardy
    5. The Bedmaking - Martin Carthy
    6. Georgie - Nicola Kearey
    7. Fathom the Bowl - Jon Boden
    8. Lavender Song - Lisa Knapp
    9. Lost in Fishponds - Spiro
    10. The Wild Rover - Samuel Lee
    11. Eh Aww Ah Cud Hew - Stew Simpson
    12. The Irish Girl - Fran Foote
    13. Bagpipers/Mount Hills - Sam Sweeney
    14. Bonny Boy - Fay Hield
    15. Just A Note/Wild Wild Whiskey - Peta Webb & Ken Hall
    16. Young Collins/Getting Up Stairs - Rob Harbron
    17. 1848 (Sunset Beauregard) - Men Diamler

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